Do You Struggle with Onboarding, Training and Supporting Remote Staff?

QUICK… What do you think of when you hear the phrase


Spending hours setting up new user accounts and ensuring they have the right access?
Trying to remember every system and process needed for each employee, while always feeling like you missed something?
Directing your new hire to connect with a different “right” person to teach the nuances of each software?

If you’re like most high-growth businesses, you’re probably nodding your head.

Because in the Small Business space, the word “employee onboarding” is synonymous
with lots and lots of effort, duplicate work, and risky security practices.

But it doesn’t have to…

Let me explain…


I’m fortunate to be operating the leading done-for-you IT support Company that has been supporting Small Business space since 2012.

Over the past 11+ years CreativeIT has:



Employees Onboarded
Last Year



User Support Issues
fixed in 2022

All with an average

5 minute

Response Time

We’ve built our expertise in servicing growth businesses who staff remote employees, and have built systems and tools to help our clients leverage the benefits of a remote workforce. We have become the experts in helping companies scale and support their ever changing workforce and technologies.

And after all this time, here is what I’ve found:

Most small businesses do not have a reliable and consistent way of onboarding new staff
They’re spending too much time and often overlooking key processes
Employees start at the company often lost and confused
Employees do not have a single resource for training and knowledge
Employees still have access to systems after they leave the organization
All leading to lost time and wasted revenue

Join us as we continue to work towards our mission of disrupting the IT Industry status-quo, helping our clients see the undeniable return on investment from their IT budget.

Robert Phelps-border

Robert Phelps


You dread the onboarding process with every new hire.

Your best employees waste hours (or days) with onboarding administration jobs – when they should be focusing on more important tasks.
New employees are in “administration limbo” for days (or weeks) after their start date.
You’re sending a bad message to new hires that your company is unorganized.

Employee training takes forever.

You don’t have a reliable step-by-step employee training program – and it shows.
Your best employees are stuck doing the training, and pushing their normal tasks to the back burner.
You’re answering the same questions over and over for new employees because there is no resource center.

You’re exposing yourself to elementary security risks.

You’re sharing weak passwords because creating individual accounts is too troublesome.
New employees have blanket, unrestricted access to company programs because it’s “convenient”.
The security risks of hiring new employees is an increasing problem.

Off-boarding employees is a costly, ongoing mess.

You’re cleaning up/canceling user information months (or years) after an employee leaves.
You end up paying for extra licences because employees were not off-boarded properly.
You dread trying to get hardware back from ex-employees, if at all possible
Are you giving your employees the best first week?
Are you wasting your best employees' time with onboarding administration and training?
Are you exposing your company to security threats out of convenience?
Does off-boarding never feel like a clean break?

The rapid growth phase is full of growing pains.

If you’re like most businesses, you know growth is a nonlinear path full of unforeseen roadblocks, changes, and shortcomings. Taking your business to the next level shouldn’t feel like navigating an obstacle course with your eyes closed.

We’ve got good news: The solution is easier than you think…

Employee Efficiency Engine - LOGO-02

Creative IT’s Employee Efficiency Engine is…

A fully-equipped employee experience platform designed, implemented, and supported by decades of IT experience. This system becomes your company Intranet.

The employee journey is the foundation of every company. We created the Employee Efficiency Engine to make that foundation as strong as it can be in a simple, all-inclusive system. Our platform allows you to track and manage the employee experience from their first day to their last.

World Class Onboarding


Onboarding means different things to different companies – but the process boils down to a simple checklist. The Employee Efficiency Engine delivers a foolproof process to make onboarding a new employee quick, easy, precise, and consistent. Our tool enables you to:

Efficiently register new employees in the system
Give new employees appropriate access to company software
Easily manage access control to business applications
Curate devices for each employee
Generate templates to make the onboarding process efficient and uniform
Tracks the status of onboarding from A to Z

Creative IT even provides the staff to execute these crucial tasks for you – turning the onboarding process from a matter of days into a matter of minutes.

Training at your Fingertips


How do you really know if your employee is getting proper guidance on your tools and processes?

Are they asking the same questions over and over?

The Employee Efficiency Engine solves this problem with a comprehensive Knowledge Center to eliminate mysteries and delays in your employee training process – and takes the burden off your senior employees. The system includes:

A unified dashboard for all company software
User-friendly resource center for internal processes, procedures, and policies.
Pre-loaded resources for standard systems (Office 365, Google Workspace, etc.)
Ability to create and store your own training resources.
Easy access to company resources that can be referenced at any time.

A strong training process forms the basis of your workplace culture. The Employee Efficiency Engine is designed to set your team up for success

Unmatched Employee Support


Using the Employee Efficiency Engine, your entire staff has unlimited access to Creative IT Department. No matter what the requirements look like, your company gets:

Complete IT backing for all employees and their systems
A Full IT Department added to your organization
5-minute average response time
25-minute average resolution time

We’re an IT company at heart. Supporting your employees to do their best day after day is what we do.

Enterprise Security


IT security is more than a collection of tools and processes, it’s a fundamental practice that needs to be ingrained in the DNA of your company. Security is the core of the Employee Efficiency Engine – and everything we do at Creative IT. Our cutting-edge solution includes:

Easy, safe, and appropriate user credential sharing
24/7/365 vulnerability scanning
Continuous risk analysis
Employee training on security best practices
Enterprise-level security for every machine & network
Issue Prevention (to stop issues before they arise)

High level IT security is not a luxury reserved for companies with the deepest pockets. It’s a baseline necessity for every employee's journey, with no exceptions.

Full proof Off-boarding


Off-boarding shouldn’t be a process full of costly risks and unknowns. Our Employee Efficiency Engine eliminates these gray areas by making off-boarding efficient, comprehensive, and most importantly, practical on the balance sheet. The system includes:

Automated off-boarding portal
Simplified access control for all employees
Quick access revocation and license canceling
Customized off-boarding processes
Employee contingency planning
End-to-end IT support

The Employee Efficiency Engine tracks services for each employee from the day they start to the day they leave, covering all your bases with no stones unturned.

Your employees deserve an environment that allows them to be the best version of themselves.

We created the Employee Efficiency Engine to do just that.

Benefits of Creative IT’s Employee Efficiency Engine

Onboard and off-board with a streamlined, customized, step-by-step formula

Get the highest value from your staff

Get new employees up to speed quickly

Keep your best employees focused on value-adding tasks

Develop efficient, documented training processes

Enterprise level security solutions to protect your business

Educate your employees on how to protect the company from security threats

Add a full IT Department to your business

Put your employees in a position to do their best work

Increase profit margins

Show new employees you’ve got a streamlined organization

Save internal resources valuable time


Who is the Employee Efficiency Engine For

Businesses looking to scale and grow

Who hire at least 3 new employees
per year

Embrace Cloud Technologies

Who use a handful of cloud applications

Are tired of trying to juggle it all

Who want to provide dedicated IT support to their staff


Who is the Employee Efficiency Engine Not For

Businesses who are happy with the status quo

Who are not looking to grow or hire

In Office Servers

Who have on premises server based unique systems

Want to be their company’s IT

Have the time to tackle staff technical issues when they appear

Businesses Like You Trust CreativeIT To Help With Their IT Needs

Keith Vest

There Is No More Professional, No More Capable IT Resource Than The Team At Creative IT

Turning to Creative IT as an IT partner was one of the best vendor decisions we’ve ever made and we highly recommend their services.


The Variable


I'm so impressed with the ideas, the responsiveness, and everyone we have worked with so far at Creative IT.

The dashboard is amazing and so user friendly. We have employees across the country. Once laptops are set up, they are shipped directly to the employee, eliminating me as the middle man.

Jennifer Wienke



We have seen a tremendous change by switching to CreativeIT.

I tell them the name, start date, and computer preference we have predetermined with Creative IT and we are ready to go by the time our new employee starts. 

Adam Hatton

Center Grove Church


They Save Us Money, Time, And Prevent Business Interruptions.

Creative IT truly stands out against our previous providers in four ways: they fix any issues quickly; they are extremely responsive and available; they explain problems in layman’s...

Matt Mullen

Ethos | Creative Group


Warning: you will be sorry you did not hire them!!

Our company cannot live without Creative IT, we have come to rely on them for everything. I am happy to write their checks!!! We have never waited more than 3 minutes to get a...

Barbara Hutcherson

Builders Art & Graphics


Creative IT goes above and beyond with their service helping us be better for our clients and donors.

I would say that hiring Creative IT has been the best vendor experience of my career. 

Christopher W. Spaugh

Moravian Ministries Foundation


We are so happy with the service they provide and we trust them completely.

Creative IT is professional, prompt, knowledgeable and offers a level of customer service that just doesn’t exist much anymore.

Elizabeth Buchanan

Freeman Commercial Real Estate


They Truly Understand The World Of The Mac.

Creative IT has provided invaluable service to our agency for the last 6 months. They truly understand the world of the Mac. Whether it's a hardware related issue or one specific...




Creative IT has been worth every $ we have spent and more!

Their support levels have significantly reduced the time our staff were spending troubleshooting our issues or working around issues that our IT company either could not resolve or were unavailable to solve.

Sue Kirby

Cancer Services

Frequently Asked Questions About The Employee Experience Engine


What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, our team will work with you to get access to all of the systems and softwares our team will be supporting. We will then work with you to start supporting your entire staff and gain access to the Employee Efficiency Engine. Once setup, our team will help you build out your onboarding and off-boarding processes, automations and procedures. Our team will write the documentation for any system we are going to be in charge of managing and grant you access to your brand new knowledge base. From there, we are off to the races completely supporting your team and helping manage your staff onboarding and terminations.


What types of things can your Setup Team take over from our team?

Our setup team can completely setup your company email, cloud software, granting access to your file systems, even procuring your hardware, setting it up and shipping it out. When an employee leaves your organization we can cut access to those same systems and drop-ship a box to the staff member to retrieve the computer. Once the computer arrives back we will run it through diagnostics, clean it and prep it for the next employee's use.


What kind of IT Support do my staff recieve?

Your staff gains full access to an entire IT help desk ready to assist your staff with any technical issues, access requests, new setups, hardware troubleshooting and more. It's like hiring a full IT department without the extreme overhead.


How do you handel hardware for our remote staff?

We handle the procurement and shipment for computer hardware for your staff. If an employee is new we will ship the computer directly to them, if they are leaving we can drop-ship a box to retrieve the hardware. If an employee has an issue with their computer we can even ship a loaner to them while their work computer is being repaired or replaced.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Program

Employee Onboarding Platform

Company Knowledge Base

Employee IT Help Desk Support

Advanced Security

Employee Password Portal

Asset Tracking

Employee Security Training

Compliance Management

vCIO Consulting

If you had to go out and purchase all of these tools and resources separately, you would be paying between $200 to $500 per month, per team member, and you WOULDN’T have a team supporting you and taking over the day-to-day work.

“Life is too short to spend time onboarding and off-boarding new team members! Let us build your Employee Efficiency Engine today!”

Employee Efficiency Engine

Program Value: $200-$500/User/Month

Average Price For Creative IT Customers:


$99-$199 /User/Month